If you’re interested in putting on a show at The Gladstone Theatre, then check out our specification below.

The Gladstone Theatre are pleased to offer its facilities for private hire. We have a variety of versatile spaces available whether you need an intimate space for two or a presentation space for 400; we can help you bring your event to fruition. The theatre space makes an impressive venue with a capacity of either 428 or a more interment space of 170. The auditorium and theatre space is a fully functioning theatrical venue with staging, sound and lighting managed by a regular team who are dedicated to the innovative productions which might otherwise not be produced at the theatre, catering for adult and sometimes challenging themes. With a fully licensed bar, free car park and being situated only a two minute walk from Port Sunlight Railway Station, The Gladstone Theatre have everything you need to make your event the very best it can be.

We cater for a whole range of events, from performances and weddings to conferences and rehearsal spaces. Whether you’re looking to put on a show, are on the hunt for a meeting room with a difference, or searching for a stunningly beautiful venue to host your wedding, we’re sure that we have just the thing you’re looking for.

All our spaces all have the following options available:

  • In house technical support
  • On site catering
  • Free WiFi
  • Wheelchair access
  • Communal break out areas
  • Blackout facilities
  • Projection sound and lighting systems

To discuss your requirements and budget, please contact the Theatre Manager who will be able to advise you and make sure your event is a success.

Theatre Manager Contact Details

Email: events@gladstonetheatre.org.uk

Telephone Number: 0151 643 9223

The Stage:

  • Main Acting Area Performance Area 10.04 metres x 7.13 metres
  • Proscenium Opening 6.55 metres wide x 3.6 metres high
  • Wings Space 2 metres wide and full stage depth
  • SL ‐ 2 Metres wide and full stage depth.

SR Stage Floor and Rake

  • Rake 1:30 ‐ Black painted floor suitable for all dance Height of Grid 4.88 metres floor to grid.
  • Grid covers whole acting area
  • Apron Forestage 10 metres wide, 2 metres deep (front of stage to main tabs). SL, Centre and SR access steps
  • Stage Height 1.3 metres high from Auditorium Floor
  • Stage Crossover is via the Green Room behind Cyclorama Wall
  • Stage Props Small Props Tables can be set up in the Green Room

Staging Equipment

Please Note: Rostra are subject to a hire charge of £10.00 + Vat (17.5%) per unit per hire period.

  • Rostra 3 x 8ft x 4ft
  • Assorted rostra and steps. (please call)

Stage Weights and Braces

A selection of Stage Weights and Braces are available

Flattage and Props

The Theatre does not have any flattage or props for hire

Stage Tab and Track Facilities

  • 3 Swipe Tracks for scenery cloths are available for use and can be set to any position over stage.
  • A selection of Stage Weights and Braces are available
  • Plush red Main Tabs electrically operated from SM’s corner SL

Call to speak to a member of our team for more information or clarification

Dressing rooms

We have 5 good sized dressing rooms, backstage facilities also include 5 toilets (including 1 disabled), a large green room behind the stage with direct stage access and stage cctv,  a kitchen, and artist dedicated high-speed wifi.

Cast and Crew Facilities:

  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Electric Kettles
  • Constant Hot Water Urn for drinks
  • Cups and Saucers
  • Cutlery, Utensils
  • Sink with H+C running water,
  • Storage


SM Desk Facilities

SM Desk Situated DSL wings area
2 x Dimmable lights for lighting SM desk area
Blue Working lights for wings and flys Controlled via switch on SM Desk
Stage Working Lights – Switch on SM Desk and also Control Box.
Auditorium Working Lights – Switch in corridor opposite mess room door and also Control Box.
Grid Working Lights – Switch on SM Desk

Main House Tabs Operation

The Main House Tabs are electrically controlled via a console on the SM Desk or the Control Box. These controls allow opening, closing and stopping the Main Tabs at any position. A variable speed control is also available and this can be used whilst the tabs are in motion. An Emergency Stop button is also provided. The Tabs can be opened or closed manually with a handle by the SM if the motor fails.

CCTV System

A small Monitor giving full view of stage from an audience viewpoint is situated above the SM Desk and a large Monitor is situated in the Green Room.


Canford Tech Pro Cans system in ring with SM Desk.

Lighting Desk and Follow Spot

We have 3 sets.

Backstage/Bar Tannoy System

A Microphone and 2‐way switch enables cast calls to Dressing Rooms, Green Room and Mess Room.
Audience calls can be made to Bar area.

Sound Equipment System

Mixing Desk Soundcraft Spirit LX7 Mk1 32 Channel Soundcraft GB4 32 Channel Speaker Management.

1 x dbx 260 drive rack Amplifiers
2 x Alto Mac 2.3 Power Amps ( 2x305w into 8 ohms ) for tops
1 x Alto Mac 2.4 Power Amp ( 2x575w into 8 ohms ) for subs
1 x Alto Mac 2.3 Power Amp ( 2x305w into 8 ohms ) for monitors
FOH Speakers 4 x NJD 300w full range tops 2 x NJD 600w subs

Stage Monitors

2 x NJD 12 inch wedge monitors

Effect’s and EQ’s

1 x TC Electronic M300 MULTI FX Delay/Reverb Unit
EQ’S 2 x DBX 231S EQ

Play Back

CD’S 2 x Tascam CD RW900SL Mini Disk 1 x Tascam MD‐02B Microphones
6 x Audio Technica PRO 45 hanging mics permanently overhead on stage
3 x Shure SM58 cable mics
3 x Sennheiser handheld radio mics


Connections to stage – 28 sends ‐ 4 returns XLR on stage right wing prompt corner.


Selection of various lengths of XLR cables, jack to jack cables etc
Selection of various Adapters jack‐xlr etc


Canford Tech Pro Cans system in ring with SM Desk, Lighting Desk and Follow Spots

Lantern List

Generic Lanterns Floods 8 x 4 compartment 500w Coda Floods (4 on midstage batten and 4 on cyc batten)
Follow Spot
1.2kW Showtech HMI High Intensity (electronic colour, iris and dimming)

Fresnels + PCs

6 x 1kW Starlette Fresnels
7 x NJD 650W Fresnels
6 x 650W Selecon Fresnels
2 x 650W Strand Patt 123 Fresnels
2 x 650W Strand Quartet

Par Cans

22 x 1000w Par 64 Par Cans (medium flood lamps fitted)

Profile Spots

8 x Source 4 Profile Spots 36°
7 x Source 4 Profile Spots 26°
2 x 1.2kW Selecon Zoom Profiles 24°‐40°
2 x 1.2kW Selecon Zoom Profiles 18°‐34°
2 x 650W Prelude Zoom Profiles 20°‐40°
2 x 650W Prelude Zoom Profiles 16°‐30°
2 x 650W Strand Patt 23 Profiles Effects Lanterns
1 x Star Cloth + Light Source
1 x Hazer Lemaitre Neutron Star XS Lighting Gells